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App-per-app data management & blocking made easy.


Your everyday data apptimizer


Reduce Data Traffic

You now decide which apps can use your data. Set blocks permanently or unblock on the go. With 3 useful Profiles you always have the right apps online.


Manage Your Data Usage

Monitor your data usage on app level and learn, which apps consume the most data. Get customized usage warnings and block before you get overage charges


Your Data Stays Yours

Zwitch is a Swiss-based startup – we value your privacy and are not using any of your behavioural data. That makes a huge difference to most leading VPN-based Data managers.

"A great app to control data usage when on international trips."

Scott R.

"Its awesome..I love it."

 Lustrea M.

"Great app when you have a very limited data plan."


"Perfect solution for saving your data at home and abroad. 5 happy stars."

Fitor K.

"Recommended. Excellent solution for reducing roaming cost."

Khurram N.

"Excellent for maximizing my limited postpaid Data Plan."

 Uma L.

"So useful in critical situations."

Jansha K